Capacity Building and Leadership Development Program:

Empowering families does not mean giving or bestowing power on families - the power is there by right. As families, we recognize our strengths and abilities. It is through our advocacy that we become effective partners and agents for change. Throughout our Parent organizations, we have and need individuals who may not be formally recognized as leaders and yet who can and do exercise leadership. The challenge for us is to identify “emerging leaders” who can lead from Personal level, build Public, Institutional and Political Relationships, Power the visioning for their parents’ associations. For this purpose in mind, PARIVAAR-NCPO provides them with the training and resources to play a lead role in ensuring effective advocacy in their states and for their associations.

Self Advocacy Training Program:

People with intellectual and developmental Disabilities often need to be taught the determination skills to be better prepared for life after school. This program of PARIVAAR-NCPO is designed to promote self-advocacy and self-awareness skills. Through multi-component group activities, participants learn about their strengths and weakness and how to advocate for their needs and rights. The Advocacy skills Training workshop also include modules for leadership roles, monitoring and personality development activities.

Media Training Workshops:

Essentially, every single person supporting PARIVAAR-NCPO is a spokesperson for PARIVAAR-NCPO. Therefore, each member or a volunteer should be knowledgeable about PARIVAAR-NCPO mission, vision and goals. Moreover, they should be mindful of their representation when speaking in public settings. We, in Parents’ associations tend to think that our message is obvious and that not too much time should be wasted to formulate and fine-tune our stories. This, however, is not the reality. On various occasions, we find that the “facts and stories” are distorted. In order to raise awareness about person with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, it is essential to become familiar with the media in the area, know how to access media contacts and learn to apply the tools for communicating your story to gain good publicity. Finally it is essential for us to create a profile of our own organizational tools of publicity. This Media Training Workshop will offer help to all participants in building their capacity to access media.

Self Help Group:

Majority of families live in rural and semi-urban areas lack proper facilities for education, treatment and rehabilitation of their disabled wards. They lack economic capacity to provide for their disabled ward. Therefore we intend to build a scheme modeled after the Empowerment Program of the government to promote economic & social development of marginalized families of persons with intellectual disability through the network of Self-Help-Groups with active support of CBM International.

These groups are involved in savings and credit activities and engage themselves in productive economic and social activities. They are self managed for sustainable and democratic under the direct supervision of a state nodal agency i.e. the State Federation/ Co-ordination committee of PARIVAAR-NCPO.

Round Table Conferences:

Parents Associations in a State and in association with PARIVAAR-NCPO Associations organizes ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE (RTC). The focus being on three key functions: AWARENESS, ADVOCACY AND ACTION. RTC analyzes the Disability Policy of a State Government, identifies problem areas hampering services and suggests solutions for prompt implementation within the framework of UN STANDARD RULES and under the provisions of the Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995 and National Trust Act of 1999.

The theme for the RTC is “The VOICE OF PARENTS” – a role for securing the rights of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual Disability and Multiple Disabilities in Intervention, Education & Training, Rehabilitation and Empowerment.

RTC were organized at West Bengal in 2002, at Tamil Nadu in 2003 and at Delhi in 2005, Maharashtra in 2006. Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in 2007 and Kerala in 2009.

Northeast Summit:

North Eastern States are one of the priority areas of PARIVAAR-NCPO. Two Northeast Summits were organized with the participation of  parents, government representatives & NGOs from Manipur, Nagalad, Mizoram, Assam,Tripura, Sikkim Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. For the first time such  Summits in the disability sector was organized in the Northeast. Subsequently many advocacy activities have been undertaken. It resulted in the formation of a cross Disability network of PARIVAAR-NCPO named North Eastern States Co-ordination Committee of  the Disabled – NESCCOD.