PARIVAAR-NCPO has now entered into a partnership agreement with CBM International (SARO-S) for a period of five years for the states in Southern India from 2007 and Parivaar is negotiating for a smilar agreement with CBM International (SARO-N) for northern states. In the meantime, CBM (SARO-N) is providing ad-hoc grants for implementing Parivaar programmers in Northern region of country.

Some of the major programmes Parivaar is implementing under this partnership agreement are:

  • Creating Parents Associations throughout the country in the areas where they do not exist.
  • Conducting awareness programmes.
  • Conducting capacity building and leadership development programmes.
  • Organising state-level Roundtable conferences.
  • Conducting Media training workshops.
  • Creating self-help groups (SHGS)
  • Self- advocacy training programme.